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I am an attention whore.

2010-01-30 18:46:55 by Veraxium

Well, this is (what seems to be) my very first news post, although I have been with (and on some occasions on) Newgrounds for a while now, I have never seemed to post a news thing. Well hello, and thank you Newgrounds for being the twisted child of a website you are.

Since I have already lost a part of my soul, I will give out another chunk in the representation of my face... whoo! Oh, and if you like art, I have some crappy drawings that I posted too....Lol. Oh, I'll include a little bio too, just for that extra kick for you pedophiles out there.... Er, I just got my tongue pierced (had snakebites for a while but took one out), and let me tell you, it wasn't all that bad, I mean, It was a bit hard to eat the first couple days, but you get used to it.... Oh, and my freind made fun of me once and kept asking me to say Puerto Rico (In which I replied; "Pureo Wico")... Bastard... Anyways, thanks for your time, and sate my hunger with comments... I told you I was an attention whore... Lulz.

Oh, one more thing, yes... I steal children's cars... Don't judge me.

I am an attention whore.